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Company Structure

Camargo Research is a research firm with competences in different areas of market research, using qualitative and quantitative methodologies. The firm is coordinated by a research director.

Camargo Research team is made up of different professionals:

Senior researchers with proved experience in motivational research;
□ Senior researchers specialized in quantitative methodologies, in data analysis and designing of reports;
□ Researchers with competences in coordinating international projects (Spanish and English mother tongue researchers).

The quantitative area employs telephone and face-to-face interviewers. The face-to-face interviewers cover the whole Italy and are trained not only for face-to-face interviews but also for conducting mystery shopping visits. The quality of the interviewers' activity is monitored constantly through a quality plan which is functional from the beginning of the workfield to the end of it. The field of Camargo Research is capable of conducting telephone interviews in the main European languages.

The consumer and B2B qualitative area is covered by an equip of consultants specialized in the conduction of motivational interviews and collaborate on a ongoing bases with Camargo Research. Camargo Research consultants are coordinated by the qualitative Camargo Research coordinator. Focus groups are conducted in interviewing rooms fully equipped and easy to reach.

The Center of Service

Camargo Research, through the Field, CATI/CAWI, EDP departments acts as pure service of research to support other market research institutes, center of studies, consultant companies or other organization which needs our services for:

Face-to-face fieldwork over all the Italian regions;
B2B interviews;
Panel management;
Designing research samples;
Managing databases;
Questionnaire design and translation;
Data entry;
Editing e coding (Excel format);
Data analysis (reporting) and data exports;
Quality control.

All these activities can be required in a separate way to our departments.
Our structure can interview small sample and deliver final result to the Client in just 3-4 working days from the approval of the questionnaire.

EDP Department


EDP department runs simple and complex data analysis.

Simple Analysis: descriptive statistics, graphs, tables, crosstabs, frequencies, ratios, etc.

Complex Analysis: linear regression, curve estimation, cluster analysis, multidimensional scaling, etc.

Camargo Research, Market Research Agency - Rome, Italy - Tel +39 06.56567934 - E-mail

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