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Marketing Mix Analysis.

Our activities range from drawing the research design to analyse the survey results. We focus on the following operational areas:

..........................MARKETING MIX --

Brand development and tracking
Brand analysis is carried out on a long term view through the monitoring of brand changes over a period of time. The brand is compared with the competitors' brands. Among our activities we have designed models for monitoring the automotive sector brands.

Campaign and communications testing
(advertising pre e post test)
Among the qualitative studies and with the aim to support both the communicational strategies and the product/services placement we uses the terminal values methodology. From the analysis of each attribute, is possible to determine the values associated to the product.

Product study
(concept e product test)
The product is analyzed using techniques such us product test and Conjoint Analysis: a comparative evaluation of the different product or service characteristics. The statistical approach allows not only to determine the most accepted combination of attributes, but also to estimate how the consumers value each single product attribute change. Task of the interviewer is to value the product/service attributes changes.

......................STRATEGIC ANALYSIS ..........

Performance monitoring and competitive positioning

Market segmentation


Customer behaviour and satisfaction
Consumer analysis through research tools such us costumer satisfaction and sell-point analysis studies. Satisfaction studies are based on the difference among perceived and expected quality. Perceived quality is calculated measuring the level of consumers and companies perception and satisfaction towards products, services and brands.

Loyalty and retention

Brand Identity

We are specialized in development and implementation of Companies' and Istitutions' Brand Identity Systems. We use communication in order to improve Companies' performance together with products and services quality. We create strategic communication setting up advertising campaigns in line with Organizations' mission and targets.

Learn more about Brand Identityrrrrrryyyyyrr

Analysis of Demand

Among the market research studies, we carry out researches on product and service demand (consumers) at national, regional and local level. These researches are carried out using more than one methodology, a desk and a primary survey.

With a primary surveys on Opinion Leaders, we include:

  • researches on market potential
  • sectorial reports

Both the above studies are made of a first part carried out with secondary information (companies sheets balances, documentation on the sector structure and trend) and a second part developed using qualitative, quantitative or quali-quantitative techniques: in-depth interviews, focus groups, quantitative interviews applied to Opinion Leaders and/or to population.


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