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Camargo Research follows the codes of conduct of the following associations:

ESOMAR - European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research

ESOMAR is the world association of research professionals. Founded in 1948 as the European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research - ESOMAR unites 5,000 members in 100 countries, both users and providers of opinion and marketing research. ESOMAR's mission is to promote the use of opinion and market research for improving decision-making in business and society world-wide.

AISM - Associazione Italiana Marketing

AISM is the Association who first in Italy has worked for more than 50 years to develop and promote the marketing culture and professionalism. AISM operates to develop and spread the marketing culture and the many connected techniques through seminars, events, publications, studies, and the AISM Marketing School.

The Association aims to:
a) Spread the marketing culture through the analysis and studies of all the implication connected;
b) Qualify the professionalism of the members.

SIS - SocietÓ Italiana di Statistica

SIS was founded with the aim to promote and develop the Statistical Science and their applications in the economical, social, demographic sectors.

Field Partners.

Camargo Research, through a network of partners, makes use of prestigious facilities easy to reach located in the heart of the main Italian cities and in the main European countries which offer modern, comfortable and highly technological equipped enviroments.

The service includes: recruitment; multifunctional rooms; focus group rooms; mirror rooms; kitchen equipped for tasting sessions; shipment / delivery services; centralised control centre; videoconferencing/videostreaming; hotels, flights and trains booking.

Spazio Petrella - Focus groups location (North Italy: Milan)

Spazio Roma - Focus groups location (Center Italy: Rome)

Helios - Location per focus groups (South Italy: Naples)

Camargo Research International Network

We have built an international network to support our client's needs made of strategically-positioned partners in many regions.

- France;
- Germany;
- Latin America;
- Spain;
- UK;
- United States.

Camargo Research, Market Research Agency - Rome, Italy - Tel +39 06.56567934 - E-mail

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