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Data Collection Methodologies

For data collection Camargo Research makes use of a wide range of research methodologies.

  • Quantitative methodologies

    A quantitative research is based on the analysis of large research sample. Among the quantitative methodologies we make use of Mystery Shopping techniques, whose main purpose is to provide information about the customer service and the point of sell.


    • Telephone interviews (CATI system)
    • In-home and hall tests
    • In-home, in-hall and at work face-to-face interviews (paper and CAPI system)
    • Street interviews
    • Mail surveys
    • Online/Internet surveys
    • Mystery shopping
    • Self completed diaries

    Quantitative services included:

    • Designing research samples
    • Managing Databases
    • Questionnaire design and/or translation
    • Data entry, editing and coding (Excel format)
    • Data analysis (reporting) and data exports

  • Qualitative methodologies

    A qualitative research is based on techniques of data collection aimed to carry out in-depth analysis. The information collected and results obtained are not based on statistical background. They have a verbal and not numerical nature and the interviews are carried out on a few number of people.


    • Focus groups
    • Mini focus groups
    • In-depth interviews
    • Ethnographic interviewing

    Focus groups are conducted in easy to reach facilities, equipped with video and audio recording instruments. In-depth interviews are conducted both in central location and in-home.

  • Quali-Quantitative methodologies

    This methodology is based on the use of both quantitative and qualitative tecniques.

  • Desk Research

    Camargo Research conducts researches based on secondary sources, through the analysis of information collected from documented sources, official and non official statistics of different nature, such as: official statistics generated by national institute of statistics, universities, private and public centre of studies, associations, etc.

    Among the desk research integrated with a primary surveys on Opinion Leaders, we include:

    • Researches on market potential
    • Sectorial reports

    Both the above studies are made of a first part carried out with secondary information (companies sheets balances, documentation on the sector structure and trend) and a second part developed using qualitative, quantitative or quali-quantitative techniques: in-depth interviews, focus groups, quantitative interviews, etc.. applied to Opinion Leaders and/or to population.

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